Computer Repair

Computer RepairMost home or office users don’t have time to hassle with bringing a computer to a retail repair shop. Eric’s Computers makes it easy by going directly to the customer’s home or office.

Eric’s Computers makes it convenient for customers to get their problems solved quickly. It may be in some circumstances necessary to have your computer repair done in our shop.

We will try to make this process painless, by leaving a loaner computer (no additional charge), picking up, repairing, and retuning your PC. If you would like to bring your Laptop or Desktop in for repair please call first to make sure someone is in the shop to receive it.

  • PC Check-Up, Clean debris and dust from the case, update Windows, and software.
  • SSD install, Solid state drive installation to make your computer run really fast
  • Diagnostic, Troubleshoot system to see if there are any unseen problems.
  • Loaner Computer, Free Loaner program desktop only no loaner laptops
  • Spyware/Virus Removal, Eric’s Computers will perform removal of harmful programs or Viruses on your PC.
  • Data Transfer, Transfer all of your data from one computer to another.
  • OS Install, Format your hard drive, reload windows, install drivers, updates, software and restore data all for one low price.
  • Card Installation, Installation of an internal expansion card to your PC or notebook.
  • Installations, Printer, Scanner, and Fax.