Data Backup

serv_r_02I can’t express enough how important data backup is. When asked what are the 3 most import things here at Eric’s Computers I have 1 answer client data, client data, and client data. How many of you back up your data daily or weekly? Do you have pictures, music, or documents that you would hate to lose?

I get at least one failed hard drive a week in my shop. Sometimes I’m able to recover the data, but when I’m not, the only option I have is to send it out to a data recovery center.

The price for this can run into thousands of dollars. Your data might be worth that to you, but will you be willing to spend that kind of money to get it back? No, probably not, you’ll suffer the loss and move on. There are some great data backup solutions and some are free.

We specialize in local (external hard drive) and remote (over the internet) backup solutions.

Let us help you keep your data safe.